Why do we love video?

Video is the next best thing to seeing something in person.

It's the most powerful platform for getting your message out to your target audience – allowing the user to virtually experience a product, service or brand. When done right, motion and sound connects on a more personal level and draws the viewer in. It has the power to touch viewers and potential customers on many psychological levels.

Great videos don’t just explain, they show.


They show real users of a product or give a glimpse at how a product is made. They solve problems encountered by customers and demonstrate solutions. For example, a video demonstration is much easier to follow than a written set of instructions and seeing a real person use a product or viewing a customer testimonial is much more impactful than a written review on a website.

Video also allows viewers to develop a personal connection with the subject of the video or the brand. The viewer can read tone, body language, authenticity and attitude from a video. This helps build trust and likeability which helps build relationships with viewers.

About Us.

Videographers / Editors / Photographers / Designers / Marketers. With over 20 years experience in advertising, design and digital image production for small and medium business gives us great knowledge, skills and a unique approach when producing quality content for a variety of industry sectors.

We also love our coffee – so more than happy to have a chat and share some ideas about your next promo movie.